Generac Home Standby Generators

Home standby generators provide peace of mind when the power goes out. These fully automatic generators provide power to the circuits you pre-select to come on if the power were to go out. The size of generator needed depends on what circuits you would like on during a power grid failure. You can have anywhere from essential circuits (8-10) or your whole house backed up by the generator. 

Products and services Offered

Service Upgrades

As systems age the wiring wears with time or becomes insufficient to support the customers demand for power. The technology and appliances available today require more power than in years past. Most older homes have a 60 or 100 Amp service. Modern houses have a 150 or 200 amp service. If you have a fuse panel or one that is a known hazard, most insurance companies will require the service to be changed before they will write a policy.

IN House Electrical Assessment

The professionals at Dragons Electric can go through and inspect your electrical system and provide a review of your systems current condition. This service costs $75. Click below to purchase, a representative will contact you within 48 hours to schedule appointment 

Dragons electric electrical system assessments in Schenectady us one our best electrical services offers. Our electricians can give an in depth opinion on the current condition of your electrical system. Dragons Electric generac generators

Electricians: Electrical System Assessments in Schenectady

Service Calls

Do you have a receptacle that is not working? oudated lighting you would like to replace? The need for a receptacle where there is currently not one? Stop running extension cords all over to get power. Let Dragons Electric help with cost effective solutions to meet your needs. Our service call rates are as follows:

$105: 1st half hour

$45: every half hour after 1st

plus material and sales tax

Click here to purchase 1st half hour and a representative will call you within 48 hours to schedule appointment

New Contruction

Allows you to design and build your dream home from the ground up. Why not start with a sound, well designed electrical system from Dragons Electric. Having your home wired properly from the start can save a lot of headaches and service calls down the road. Our electricians will wire your home from top to bottom, giving you peace of mind that everything is up to code and functioning properly


With the current housing market, a lot of people are opting to re-work or add to the space they currently have; instead of buying new or building. Are you thinking about adding on to your house? Remove walls? Re-configure spaces? Hiring the right electrician can make sure your new space is wired properly and tied into your old space safely. Let Dragons Electric help with all your remodeling and addition needs.

Landscape Lighting

Have you recently or are you in the process of re-working or adding landscaping. Let Dragons Electric show you the options to enhance your landscape project with the proper lighting


Tenant fit ups and.

Kitchen Remodel

Are you updating your kitchen? Adding new cabinets? maybe some new tile? Let Dragons Electric show you different lighting, undercabinet lighting, and floor heat solutions to get the most out of your new space

Hot Tub

Have you recently purchased a hot tub? Did you recently move and there is no hookup for your hot tub at the new house? Dragons Electric can make sure your hot tub is wired with the proper disconnects so you can enjoy your hot tub without any electrical worries. 

Generator Service Contracts

Do you have a Generac standby generator? When was the last time you had it maintained? are you happy with the level of service you are receibving from your current maintenance provider? Dragons Electric can help you with all your service needs. We offer maintenance contracts for every budget. You can choose to pay weekly or monthly for the service plans. We use all original Generac OEM parts to maintain and service the generators.

1 stop contract: Change oil filter, air filter and spark plug. 

         $180/yr            or          $15/mo

1 year generator service contract: Includes two visits per year, on 2nd visit we change the oil filter, air filter, spark plug, and oil

           $300/yr           or        $25/mo

Premiere Service Contract: includes two visits per year, on 2nd visit we change the oil filter, air filter, spark plug, and oil. this contract also includes a mobile link with monthly monitoring included

                 $600/yr     or          $50/mo

If you like to do the maintenance yourself, you can also purchase the maintenance kits directly through us, just click below. Kit includes oil filter, air filter, spark plug, and oil