Dragons Electric questions and answers: if you have any other questions on your electrical system you would like answered, please contact us. We provide questions and answers in Schenectady and the surrounding areas.

Dragons Electric Questions And Answers

People have many questions about their electrical system. Some can only be  answered after a extensive review of your system. Others are common questions that can be answered based on experience. Below are some of the most common questions and their answers. If you have a specific question please, send it to me on on our contact form.

What should I do if there is no power in a specific room or area?

First thing is to check your GFCI's. If the room or area in question is a kitchen, bathroom, or garage then it should have a GFCI. The GFCI is the receptacle with a test/reset button in the center. A lot of time if your reset those, power will come back. If that does not work the next step is to check the breakers in your panel. Make sure none are tripped. If one is tripped make sure you turn it all the way off and then back on to reset it. Checking these items before calling an electrician can save you a service call. If you try those things and power still does not come on; Dragons Electric will be more then happy to come out and diagnose the problem further, so it can be fixed.

How do I know if me service panel is overloaded or needs to be upgraded?

Service panels are designed to handle certain loads. The number of spaces available in the panel is what the factory tested the panel to handle and got the UL listing on. If you are adding circuits or load to your house, one of the first things you should check is your panel and if there is room for them. If you are adding one or two circuits over your available space, they do make tandem breakers. Anything over that you should have your service upgraded to accommodate the additional load. If you are not adding load, but you notice breakers tripping often, excess number of tandem breakers in your panel, your service entrance cable worn and fraying, or your panel is very warm to the touch; then you should have a professional look at the panel to see if it needs replacing. Dragons Electric gives free estimates and can tell you the condition of your service and proper corrective steps if needed. 

I have a Federal Pacific Panel, why do I keep hearing they are unsafe?

Federal Pacific manufactured service panel from the 60's through the late 80's. The problem with their panels is that the circuit breakers may appear perfectly fine for years, but when they are supposed to trip there is a high probability that they will not. This creates a fire hazard. Since it is their system that is the problem, replacing a breaker will not solve any issues, and it is recommended that the entire panel be replaced as soon as possible. Depending on the condition of the rest of your service parts this can range from $700 -$1800. If you have a Federal Pacific panel call Dragons Electric today for a free estimate on replacing these dangerous panels.

When should I have my standby generator serviced?

The factory recommends having your generator serviced every six months to keep it in peak performance condition for power outages as they arise. While the service professional will not change you oil or filters on every stop, the 6 month check ups allow them to detect problems before they become a major problem when you are relying on the unit to provide power during a power outage. If you do not experience long outages during the year, Dragons Electric still recommends changing the oil, oil filter, air filter, and sparks at least once a year. If you experience an extended outage for longer than a week, we recommend changing the oil right after the extended outage. Dragons Electric offers different maintenance contracts to facilitate the servicing of your standby generator on the schedule of your choice.